When to Get Dentures

January 26, 2024

There isn’t any specific age when people lose their teeth and get dentures. More and more people are keeping their teeth throughout their lifetime, mainly due to better preventive and restorative dental care. Nonetheless, if you’re curious whether you need to get dentures in Fort Lauderdale, below are the signs that indicate you may need dentures or other dental treatments.

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What Can Lead to a Need for Dentures

Missing Teeth

Dental professionals recommend that patients missing one or more teeth should get a restoration. This is to make sure that undue stress on your teeth is prevented or avoided. If you continually depend on an incomplete set of teeth, you’re placing your dental health at risk.

Bleeding, Inflamed, Sensitive, or Swollen Gums

Gums of this condition are usually an indication of developing gingivitis or any gum disease condition. Unfortunately, gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. According to studies, about four out of five people suffer from periodontal diseases. If you continually live your life without having this condition treated, it will worsen and cause your teeth to fall out. If it’s left alone and progresses, you may end up needing dentures.

Chronic Toothaches

Severe tooth pain is a strong sign that you have tooth decay, and it has worsened to the point where the infection has reached your nerves. If your dental problem has worsened considerably, your dentist will recommend that you get your tooth extracted.

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Perks of Getting Dentures in Fort Lauderdale

With proper dental hygiene, losing your teeth and having to wear dentures should never be an option. However, if dentures are needed, please contact 1500 Dental through this link!